Does your school owned iPad have a charging problem? Mystery solved!

Apple™ branded ac adapters and lightning cables regulate the voltage as well as current to a level that protects your school owned iPad and prevents it from causing damage to the logic board. Charging your iPad using a third party charger or generic car charger, often found in gas stations, that do not regulate larger […] continue reading »

Compare our iPad Repair Prices with the Apple Store

School iPad Repair

Before you decide to take your school owned iPads to the Apple Store or are thinking about purchasing AppleCare, please take a look at our current price list.  We offer free return shipping and a 90 day warranty.  AppleCare is a type of insurance that you may never use.  It usually does not pay for […] continue reading »

New! Apple iPad Repair Insurance Programs for School Districts

Students Chromebook

Whether you are a school district putting devices in the hands of thousands of students and faculty or a private school with only a few hundred or less, the reality is the same; devices get damaged, lost and stolen. iPad insurance for your school devices can help alleviate some of the financial burden that comes […] continue reading »