iPad School Students

Repair Service for your iPad or Chromebook

Start the process by filling out the Service Repair Order form.

Prepare the iPad, Chromebook or other device for shipment by including or removing the passcode and by backing up your data. We are not responsible for data loss. See Terms and Conditions.

Ship the service repair order. Please ensure the iPad, Chromebook or other device is packaged and wrapped correctly following your chosen shipping company’s guidelines and please include a copy of your confirmation email. Please do not send any original boxes, covers or cases, accessories, USB chargers or headphones in with the order, as they will not be returned.

We fix iPads and Chromebooks the same day they arrive and if a repair is more than the current price list, we will send a quote before performing any work. Please compare our prices with the Apple Store.

Once repaired we will send an online invoice that can be paid with Credit Card or P-Card. If you have a Purchase Order please contact us to set us up as a vendor. On each invoice the serial number of the repaired device will be logged for future reference.

If your school district has over 5000 devices, please contact us about setting up a service repair contract or insurance program.

Most repairs are completed within 24 hours. Return shipping is free and we use USPS Priority Mail with signature tracking. All repairs carry a 90 day warranty.

We do not service the general public.